Fantastic Voyage

So, we’re just three weeks into our Cheap Things exploits and looking back it has been a very  busy time for its four Captains, and hopefully for our members/patrons an entertaining one! 

In that short space of time we’ve delivered great interviews with Pete Wylie of Wah Heat fame talking about his memorable trip to Manchester’s Hardrock venue to see his hero in 1972, and a typically warm and entertaining natter with Woody Woodmansey. We travelled to former Bowie haunts such as the previously mentioned Hardrock in Stretford and the Apollo in Ardwick Manchester, the venue that saw Bowie play second fiddle (Keyboards actually) to Iggy Pop. There was a memorable Queens speech, a guitar tutorial seeing Jase guide us through the various parts of Bowie’s ‘Sweet Thing’, and let’s not forget the hilarious (and to some perplexing) Bowie Moment with Subway Sect frontman Vic Godard who had some of his own Bowie tales to tell.

We also unleashed on the world the brilliantly iffy ‘Top Of The Fops’ compilation album originally issued in a limited edition of 50 numbered CDs…with No.1 going to a big fan of the project…. namely David Bowie. In short it’s a collection of 20 Bowie songs originally released on the infamous 70’s series of albums called ‘Top Of The Pops’.

We’ve published rare and unseen Bowie shots, rare archive press material and are currently at the beginning of our run of daily clips throughout the month of January ,each one delivering a different daily Bowie quiz questions delivered by the 4 Cheap Things big cheeses, namely ‘H’,  Rob, Jase and Marc.

In the bag and ready to go are further interviews of a Bowie flavour. Rob recently interviewed legendary German musician Michael  Rother (of one of db’s favourite bands Neu) to find out what really happened when he was asked by ‘the artist’ to play on what would prove to be the ‘Heroes’ album. And Marc recorded an hour long interview with 60’s and 70’s Bowie cohort John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson about his work with David from the Buzz in 1966 right through to the dying embers  of Ziggy at the Farewell  show at the Hammersmith Odeon.

In the last week we’ve also introduced an Advert-free version of our weekly A To Z Of David Bowie podcast and a new $2 monthly tier that allows access to this definitive audio stroll through David’s life, alongside some of the material available to our Golden Tier members.

Coming up we’ll have interviews with Lower Third drummer Phil Lancaster and Mainman main-man Dai Davies who was alongside David, Mick, Woody and Trevor when ‘Starman’  changed all  their lives. And other stuff we haven’t even thought of yet!

So, a big thank you to our initial spurt of Patrons. We very much appreciate your support which helps us continue making the podcast…and delivering more delights to our fellow Cheap Things


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