Dear fellow Cheap Things

Dear fellow Cheap Things.

Welcome to this brand new endeavour which aims to be a gathering place for Bowie-nuts in which to huddle and keep warm and safe whilst the world outside rages. A place to find like-minded good people (from good homes) and to collectively enjoy the fruits of our labour. Up until ‘Cheap Things’ there was no modern hub calling itself a ‘David Bowie Fan Club’. That has just changed. We aim to compliment the various established brilliant long-standing *Bowie platforms with a slightly off-kilter approach to all things Bowie.  We can but try eh!

To become a member of this new ‘thing’ simply go to the ‘Subscribe to Cheap Things’ section of this website and saunter over to our Patreon subscription platform…and from there… expect the unexpected…  unless you are devilishly clever and do actually expect what you will be receiving… in which case – expect the expected!

You won’t be disappointed.

Love On Ya.

The Cheap Things team. 

Jason /Howard/ Rob and Marc.


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